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Welcome to the web portal for babysitting in Prague and the surrounding society IMIMI Babysitting, which provides professional child care at all ages, including children aged 0-3 years of directly at your home. Enjoy premium care for your children.

Babysitting everywhere in Prague

We provide babysitting in all the districts of Prague, including the peripheral areas, including a new satellite town. We offer the widest choice babysitters on child care in Prague and even in some towns of Central Bohemia, which is continuously expanding.

Child care immediately

Requirements for the immediate care of children, we are able to solve due to the large selection of babysitters, employees and the scope of 24 hours a day. In the event of illness, unexpected business trips or visits to the theater with friends, please contact us at any hour, day and night, nonstop.

Babysitting for all ages?

We are holders of authorizations for babysitting all ages, including newborns and preschool age children. Our health visitor is divided into several groups, each focused on different age and location in Prague or the scope of central Bohemia. Every child is watching on us the obligation of confidence, from a very early age deserves professional care.

Wide choice nanny for babysitting?

To decide to whom the requirement to babysitting? Let us send the profiles more than 80 trained, carefully checked babysitters and choose the one that best fits your family lifestyle and the way children’s upbringing. After selecting arrange the first meeting, which will be up to you whether your health visitor to work. We give you the assurance that with our services you are finished babysitting. In the event that your babysitter will not be watching after the first meet, at the second day will provide an adequate alternative, as in the case of illness or unavailability of time. Give your children the best, professional care.